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By Stuwu Studio

OUTERBLAST is a highly explosive multiplayer party game set on a destructible flying island. Blast others, and even yourself, to win. The goal: push your friends off the island!

Rocket launchers, mining lasers, hammers, shield, grappler hook, jetpacks,  delta planes... You name it. Use your arsenal of weapons and utilities wisely to beat the other bots!

The goal is to knock your opponents out of the map. When you hit your opponent, you claim a bounty on their head, that stays there until they touch the ground for 2 seconds or more. If they die with the bounty, points get added to your score.

The more the island gets destroyed, the more hole there is and the more chance you have to fall in them. The terrain can be used to your advantage. For example, dig a ceiling to prevent you from getting knocked out.

There's no public lobby nor any bots yet! You must find some people before playing first. You can always join the discord server to gather up some folk to play.


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NOTE: This game isn't finished yet, it may still contain certain bugs on certain devices.


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Version 2.2.0
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Version 2.2.0

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So do I have to port forward and connect with others directly (via IP Addresses), or just copy Room ID and paste it to share my own lobby?

It's using Photon's Realtime relay server. Just share the room ID (click to copy) and your friends should be able to connect. If this doesn't work for you, let me know, I've been trying to fix all the bugs related to the connection.

Me and 2 other friends tried to connect, and we all made a lobby per person to see if it was because of someone's internet, but we were on the same server and just copy pasted each others' codes from Discord. It still gave an error message saying it couldn't connect.

The server I was using to host the lobby and do the relay must be down and I can’t get it back running. 

Unity bought the multiplayer package I was using to make the game and they changed it so much I’ll practically have to start the game from scratch again if I want to modify it and fix the lobbies.

I’ll be working on a new version later this year but for now there’s not much to do.

Okay! Good luck! I'll try it again in some time and see if it works again. I'm excited to play :)


Seems Really Cool but really need more player :/

There’s no public lobbies, nobody’s going to join if you don’t share the code haha. But I’m often there to play on the discord server.

Ho, I feel really dumb ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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